Its activities in the sealing business engage GLF in implementing simple or complex plants to serve all production enterprises needing the application of medium and high viscosity sealants. GLF always has the answer to your needs, whether they be for complete or single, manual or automatic stations. Contact us with your specific issues and you’ll find someone fully prepared to supply you with the proper solution to any specific application need you may have. As you will see by looking at our case history, GLF has implemented and continues implementing application solutions for the most diverse realities the world over.

GLF has always worked to solve problems. Contact us to find the proper solution to any painting need you may have. GLF can cope with a specific applications issue or develop around it a complete installation to satisfy the specific need of your Company. Application of powder or liquid paint products to a wide variety of surfaces with vanguard plants to achieve the results you’re looking for. All this with an eye to the environment and energy consumption, Consult our case history to learn about our experience.


Imola SBK is cooler with ECO Refresh
24/09/2009. Another successful strike for ECO Refresh!
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